Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cooking Fail

Okay so I tried a new recipe today, and it was a major failure. It was a "mock" cornbread recipe made with great northern beans and it was GROSS. I should know better than to try to cook something that's supposed to end up tasting like it came from a completely different food group. So tomorrow I'm going to go back to the store and get supplies for something that I know is tasty. I need some yummy snacks!


  1. Been ther done that! Nothing like when Ron calls on the way home and I say - Supper was a science experiment and it didn't work. Or even worse - Supper is a science experiment and by god I've spent enough time on it we are eating it!

  2. Lol yeah I was pretty disappointed when the recipe didn't work...but you can't win them all I guess ^_^ I loooove doing long prep work for a recipe, but it is a major bummer when those don't work out because they take so long and you're starving by the time they're done!

  3. Oh dear, it doesn't sound too good!