Monday, December 28, 2009

Pod People!

I think one of my New Year's resolutions will be to read more. I love books so much, but I think school, TV, and definitely the Internet has severely cut into my reading time this year. I haven't decided yet if I want to set a book goal, maybe for each month, but I've already started working on my 'books I have read' list. Last night I started Brave New World.

I'm only at the fourth chapter so far, but I'm already loving everything about this book. It's based on a future where humans are grown and socialized until adulthood in a lab, before becoming pre-determined cogs in the wheel of society. I think the most amazing thing about this book is that it was written in the '30s. Who could have imagined such a scientifically detailed picture of the future and genetic engineering? Aldous Huxley, apparently. I'll save my final opinion until I finish the book, but if the beginning is any indication this will soon become one of my favorites.

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