Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's On Your List?

Hopes and Improvements for The New Year

1. Spend less time watching mindless TV/ surfing the Internet
2. Spend more time reading
(Super-Specific Goal: read at least one book a week)
3. No new notebooks until I've used up the ones I have
4. Do something creative every day
5. Eat better and exercise more to be healthy, not to lose weight
(Super-Specific Goal: exercise 3x a week, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits)
6. Cook at home more, and use more fresh ingredients
(Super-Specific Goal: 3 new recipes a month)
7. Make positive affirmations a significant part of my day. Make sure not to leave the bathroom every morning without finding something positive to love about myself
8. Write more letters
(Super-Specific Goal: write 2 letters a month)
9. Improve my french
(Super-Specific Goal: spend at least one hour each day doing/reading/watching/listening to something french)
10. Learn a new skill
11. Stay clutter-free
12. Maintain a 4.0 in my classes
13. Try to write more
(Super-Specific Goal: write something every day)
14. Be more outgoing
15. See more plays/operas/ballets - go to more museums/conservatories/events etc...
16. Live joyfully, in the moment and with purpose
17. Be kind to others
18. Be kind to myself

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