Saturday, January 9, 2010

Greetings From Fort Jackson!

Hey y'all! After a seven hour drive, we finally made it to Fort Jackson, in South Carolina. Another six hours tomorrow should get us to Palm Coast. We're in an officer's cabin on the lake on post, and it is gorgeous! I wish it were warmer so I could take a walk around the lake, but it's been in the mid-30's all day. Oh well, there's a fun window seat in my room so I'm happy to curl up with a book for tonight. I'm crossing my fingers for some great Florida weather!

Oh, and I finished Sun Storm last night. The Amazon link to it is in my sidebar, and you can also find any of the books that I talk about/read on that list. If you're a fan of thrillers, you'll probably enjoy this book. Åsa is a great writer, and the book was filled with very subtle plot manipulations and quite a few interesting characters. It was a little difficult for me to read at points though, I should know by now that whenever a book or movie puts a dog into the mix it won't be ending well. If any of you ever write a novel that has a dog in it, let it survive for me, please?


  1. You passed through my neck of the woods! It has been awfully cold. I hope you found warmth in FL. Happy Trails - London

  2. It was warmer than Virginia, but still a little cold, in the low 60s mostly. South Carolina was fun though!