Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Alive, Take Two!

So after 48 hours without power it finally came back on about a half an hour ago. I'm just waiting for the hot water heater to do its magic so I can take a scalding hot shower...I feel so gross. And guess what?? ...We're supposed to have more snow tomorrow -_- Hopefully the power won't go out since we're only supposed to get a few inches, but I'll try to write a longer post tonight maybe, after I can shake myself out of my power-outage stupor. Hope you all were safe and warm!


  1. Wow, 2 days! Our condo is all electric. We'd be up the creek with out power.
    I hope you don't lose it again.
    We lose power every month or two it seems, but not for long.
    Wish you'd stayed down south?

  2. Oh, you poor thing. I would be lost for an hour without power, let alone two whole days!

  3. Gregory: Yes, I definitely wish I was in Florida now...

    Kelly: Yeah it was pretty awful, I got to play a lot of monopoly though!

  4. Not too long ago we had a blackout, and I was so thankful that it was not cold - I live in California. The hardest for me would be to be without hot water! Happy for you, it's over now!

  5. Jeannette: Yeah the lack of water was definitely the worst part of it since we did have a fireplace that kept us warm. California sounds amazing right now!