Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Pictures!

Here are some pictures I took from the monster storm we had. Sorry that they are a little blue, but I had to take them really fast and I put the camera on the wrong setting. I hope you like them though!


  1. I think they look fantastic - the blue just makes it look colder to me!

  2. Brrrr ! I'm suddenly cold !...
    Snow like sugar in the nature... miam miam !...
    And you Kate ?... What d'you prefer ?... Sugar or snow ?...:)


    See you...

  3. Kelly: Thanks! Of course, anything that makes me feel colder at this point is slightly painful to look at :/

    Jeff: I feel like I'll never be able to prefer snow over anything again...I'm looking out of my window now and it's still coming down!

  4. You should just insist that was the look you were going for.

  5. Right! Of course that's the look I was going for! ...*ahem*