Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh. My. God.

I am addicted to Youtube medical videos! Seriously, this is starting to be an obsession. My favorites are ear wax and related "removals". They are soooooo satisfying. I was recently directed to Dr. Janakiram's videos, and they are AMAZING! Gross, but perfect. I especially love the random soundtracks that accompany the videos. For your viewing pleasure, I have selected two of my favorite "operations". If you are squeamish or think medical videos are gross, then you should probably not watch these...

EDIT: Now that I watch these again I think I should strongly warn you that the second video contains larvae, live larvae. Watch at your own risk.


  1. You know what, Kate?
    You can handle the truth, right?
    You're weird.

    I'm going to say pass on your porno.
    thanks, anyway

  2. But...but...okay yes, I might in fact be weird...maybe

  3. There is no way I'm watching those. But congratulations on finding a new hobby!

  4. hey Kate! this is traci (uncle Ron's wife!) cool blog! are you on facebook ??- if you are look us up!
    glad we sound you here!

  5. Hey Traci! I saw some pictures on your blog so I knew it was you ^_^ I don't really have a current Facebook right now, it's just too hard for me to keep up with it, lol.

  6. Amazing snow storm coverage followed by unreal videos! No wonder I like your blog!